Hi! I’m Caroline and am a pediatric Registered Dietitian who has a passion for educating families on how to provide nourishing meals from the beginning of life. I am a postpartum nutrition and child feeding expert and have a particular interest in teaching the “baby led weaning” approach to starting solids.

In my full time career I am a clinician who works with families of children with chronic medical conditions such as GI disorders and Cystic Fibrosis. 

Knowing how to best feed your child from infancy to adulthood is hard – let alone while managing a child’s chronic condition – and so it’s my job to listen to you and help your family work through your goals and struggles. Using evidence-based science, research, and a holistic mindset I help both you, the parent, and your child learn to eat in a way that nourishes your entire selves. I also value the fact that food choices are rooted in family tradition and culture and that eating well for one can look different for another.

In addition to work in clinical nutrition, I am passionate about nutrition communications and have over 7 years of experience in professional nutrition writing for several publications including USA Today and Eat This Not That. Check out my ebooks on pediatric nutrition on this website as well as my social media pages for more educational resources.


“I have been following Caroline for quite some time, and so when I started the podcast there was no one else I wanted to ask about this topic. All of her information is so stellar and she has ways to help new moms/dads to navigate this time.”
 –Dr. Mona of @pedsdoctalk Podcast

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