I help parents navigate feeding their children from infancy and beyond without the stress. 

Caroline Weeks, PA-C, RDN, – specializing in child and toddler feeding and baby led weaning. 

Are you a parent of a baby or toddler unsure of where to start with their nutrition? 

Or maybe your child is older, and at their recent checkup the pediatrician told you they need to gain weight? Countless times in the clinic, I see parents who have just received the news that their child has “failure to thrive” or another chronic condition and who are just left to flounder. They’re given a basic handout with vague recommendations, but ultimately it’s up to the parents to figure it all out. But what about when it comes to real life — grocery shopping, cooking meals, dining out, eating with friends?? It gets confusing, frustrating, and scary, and all you wish you had was someone to guide you with the next steps.

I help parents of children who struggle with:
• Starting Solids
• Picky Eating
• Healthy Weight Gain 
• Food Allergies & GI Conditions
• Meal Preparation & Kid-friendly Snacks

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